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Samaritan House

Providing a Digital Safe Haven for Victims of Abuse

Website Design & Mobile App Development

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Samaritan House VA

This is one project we’ll always feel good about. TechArk built a mobile-friendly website with user-friendly navigation to help those that need quick and easy access to information.



  • Non-Profit


  • Virginia Beach, VA
Samaritan House Challenge

The Challenge

Samaritan House is a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to protect, empower, and uplift victims of domestic abuse and violence. When they brought their website to TechArk, we were touched.

Operating 12 different safe houses and providing shelter and resources to victims of domestic abuse, we recognized the value of their work and the purity of their mission, and we wanted to help the best way we know how – digitally.

Samaritan House Solution

The Solution

With clear calls to action, hotline numbers, and resources placed top-level on each page and section of the site, we made sure to keep the site’s users in mind during the cycle of the project. Our developers took the reins, producing an aesthetically pleasing and responsive site, which is mobile-friendly, automatically adjusting to fit any screen size. Now site users who only have access to a phone can still view the site quickly, easily, and discreetly.

Old Website New Website
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Samaritan House
Samaritan House Old Website
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