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TechArk developed a single consolidated new website for the Center of Economic Analysis and Policy (CEAP) that merged three previously outdated ones. This new website enabled Economics professors to update information and data easily.

Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

The ODU Center for Economic Analysis and Policy studied a wide variety of economic, demographic, transportative, and defense-oriented topics united by their shared belief that analysis and discussion have the potential to improve circumstances.

An analysis of their digital marketing materials sparked an internal discussion of different proportions and prompted the ODU CEAP team to call in an expert. TechArk designed and built a custom WordPress website. User friendly, easily updated, and fully mobile responsive, this site will last for many discussions to come.

The Solution

Center of Economic Analysis and Policy (CEAP) had three different, outdated websites. There was no easy way for Economics Dept. professors to update regional forecasting data. These websites included prominent websites such as stateoftheregion.com, stateofthecommonwealth.com, and the CEAP website.

A website oduceap.com was developed to provide delineation across each area. Each sub-site had its own mission and data points. The three different domains were redirected to the one common site. Tableau integration provided the dashboards which were designed with accessibility guidelines including high-contrast backgrounds and different presentation contexts. TechArk continues to support the customer via site support and enhancements.


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