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Our focus on prompt communication, our ability to set and manage expectations, and deliver quality products time and again helped us gain the trust of the East Coast Repair and Fabrication team.

Manufacturing Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

East Coast Repair and Fabrication (ECRFab) specializes in Marine Services, providing Ship Repair and Custom Fabrication in Hampton Roads. As part of their commitment to operational excellence, they had developed a custom web application that provides an operating system for their hundreds of team members across different departments. This solution encompassed years of domain knowledge from their experts in creating a one-of-a-kind solution that fit the needs of their organization effectively. The challenge ECRFab was facing was to hire quality development resources to not only maintain the existing solution but also to extend this platform with several new, complex features.

The Solution

After meeting the team from ECRFab, we quickly demonstrated our expertise with the technologies that were used within their solution. The customer trusted us with some smaller enhancements to their platform. We also helped develop a testing and staging environment for the customer along with setting up a Visual Studio Online repository for all the application source code and the versioning. Very quickly, our software architects and the project managers established trust by demonstrating our ability to deliver on various tasks that ECRFab team sent our way.

In many of our success stories, you will find that TechArk customers strongly recommend us to their contacts and they also engage TechArk on multiple projects. ECRFab is no exception. In addition to the custom web solution, ECRFab also engaged TechArk with an innovative Geofence based time clock solution to streamline its manual process of timekeeping. TechArk delivered this solution in record time by deploying native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. While we cannot say that we have become experts in the ship repair business, we can confirm that we can impress you with the domain knowledge we acquired to deliver these successful projects for one of our favorite clients.


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