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W.M. Jordan

Fielding a Better App for Construction Projects

Mobile App and Software Development

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TechArk has helped W.M. Jordan in updating and maintaining their iPad app. This app is a key component in their strategy to connect their Field Team. Our software development team understood what the customer was trying to achieve and we have been integral in maintaining their mobile app.



  • Richmond, Newport News, VA
WM Jordan Challenge

The Challenge

W.M. Jordan is an iconic name in Hampton Roads and beyond for their work in the construction industry. They continue to innovate and leverage technology for their workflow automation and improvements. W.M. Jordan had developed an iOS app for their field staff to report real-time progress from the construction sites. While this app had been received well by their teams, there were several concerns as the app was not being maintained for the latest iOS platforms by their previous software development vendor. They needed a technology partner that could come in and analyze the existing code and prepare a plan after doing a detailed discovery of the existing solution.

WM Jordan Solution

The Solution

We engaged our senior software architects as well as the mobile app development team to collect existing source code and the associated code repository. We then started reviewing and analyzing the app source code to identify all the key areas we will need to focus on as we looked to find out the effort needed to upgrade the app platform. TechArk’s team was very quickly up to speed with the code developed by another software development firm and we had identified several areas of improvement within the app source code.

After completing the successful Discovery project, W.M. Jordan hired TechArk as their software development partner to upgrade and maintain the iOS app. Our project manager started working closely with their team keeping them posted about the project updates on a regular basis. TechArk’s iOS team worked diligently under the guidance of our senior architects and the work was delivered for regular feedback at the end of every sprint. We are pleased to share that the iOS app is now updated to the latest iOS platform and the customer has engaged our services to help upkeep the ongoing maintenance and feature enhancements to their platform.

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