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TechArk developed a custom solution that simplified the back and forth on the phone and allowed a systematic way of communication between PRA and their customers.

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The Challenge

Portfolio Recovery Associates are the debt collectors with a heart of gold. Their job may be to collect payment on debts, but they are really very nice about it! Not wanting to get on their bad side, TechArk was all too happy to help Portfolio Recovery Associates make the process a little easier on their customers.

PRA desired a resolution center to allow consumers to create cases. These cases would be managed using a sophisticated workflow to ensure that the consumer concerns were addressed. Various roles and permissions were needed to enable these workflows. Security was also crucial because of the financial data. Different workflows were needed depending on whether or not the customer was an existing customer of PRA.

The Solution

We built PRA a Resolution Center where their customers can lodge any of their complaints using a modern web and mobile friendly interface. TechArk developed a complex workflow system within the Resolution Center to allow the paralegals and the team of attorneys to process the complaints and respond with resolutions to their customers. The application included a consumer case entry workflow as well as an attorney review workflow. These workflows resulted in an approved process for the customer because of the reduction in the number of phone calls and emails. All the cases could be logged within a central system with reports run on the case resolution data. Standard best practices could be enforced for the PRA members who interacted with the system.

PRA Group then also engaged TechArk for a website redesign project for their Claims Compensation Bureau website. Working towards a debt-free existence is something to reward! Now users can get back to living their lives between payments.

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