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Consolidation to Improve Congregation

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With their attractive new look, updated navigation, streamlined user flow, and improved content and accessibility, First Presbyterian Church is finally able to highlight events and fundraisers, reach members remotely, and spread the Good Word with ease. We trained the staff on how to update the site and they’ve informed us that they’ve seen a huge increase in prayer requests submitted online.

Non-Profit Virginia Beach, Richmond, VA

The Challenge

When First Presbyterian Church approached TechArk, their website was outdated, not mobile-friendly, and lacked a good user flow—the guiding path for a website visitor to follow. With a crowded menu, excessive amount of pages, childish aesthetic, and slow load time (videos were being directly uploaded to the site) TechArk was happy to step in to advise, lighting the way in these technically troubled times.

Our team was able to streamline the user experience (UX) of First Presbyterian Church’s website by improving several small aspects, in a big way. We knew that the site needed a refresh, starting with its appearance. Next we knew the language needed some work to clearly convey the important messages from above. The site load speed was another wrong to make right, so with our plan of atonement in mind, we got started.

The Solution

By consolidating redundant content, updating the menu to be more clear, adding a new calendar feature for events, and updating the mobile display to look great on both desktop and mobile devices, we were halfway there.
Our graphic designers resurrected the look and feel, bringing it back to life in the modern era with bright colors, interactive elements, and an emphasis on the beautiful oceanfront location. Our developers were also hard at work integrating Soundcloud so that sermons could be uploaded there and streamed from the site, improving the page load speed tenfold.

We also consolidated their contact forms, creating signups and an area for prayer requests, even adding a location where users can tithe online. An extra-large font size was the finishing touch to enhance website accessibility for the older members of the church, and the site was ready to sing praises!


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