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Paid advertising strategies help a rapidly-growing training company doggedly pursue new business opportunities.

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The Challenge

Next-Door K9 Solutions, based in North Carolina, is home to a team of passionate dog trainers located in cities across the country. Led by founder and Marine Corps veteran Zack Barkley, the company aims to help countless families realize the benefits of comprehensive, well-balanced, and healthy dog training.

In 2021, Next-Door K9 Solutions sought digital marketing services from TechArk to expand its business and establish a presence in new markets.

The Solution

Over the course of three years, TechArk and Next-Door K9 have developed a sustainable and profitable lead-generation model centered around Google Search and Performance Max campaigns. In comparison to the campaigns of a previous vendor, TechArk managed to cut down on cost-per-click expenses by 50% while achieving a 30% increase in conversions.

The impact of this marketing strategy has been evident in the company’s growth. During this period, Next-Door K9 Solutions has expanded from 3 locations to 11 locations across seven states and continues to grow.

With each new market opportunity, TechArk swiftly implements campaign strategies that consistently yield high-quality, cost-effective leads, keeping the company ahead of the pack.

Client Feedback

They have helped us grow our business more than we could imagine. No matter what we came across, they were there to help and guide us through any and all concerns. – Zack Barkley, Next-Door K9 Solutions


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