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Using Technology to Train Over 14,000 Teachers

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Thousands of teachers in the state of Virginia needed to be able to complete updated training and assessments in a short amount of time. We helped streamline this process with technology.



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The Challenge

Teachers in the state of Virginia frequently are required to go through updated training in order to stay compliant with state regulations. The Virginia Department of Education offered the training and quizzes, but there was a gap in the process. There was often little to no data available to understand how many people took the quiz, whether they passed or failed, or to verify completion.The training content also needed to remain both relevant, engaging and modern as technology changed.

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The Solution

The Virginia Department of Education partnered with the Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems (CIEES) at Old Dominion University (ODU) to provide a series of educational modules to Virginia school personnel. TechArk stepped in to produce the training module videos and provide a technology solution for the training and verification gaps.

For the technology solution, we developed and implemented an LMS (Learning Management System) to organize content, give training content access to tens of thousands of teachers, and to provide a digital way of tracking and reporting on progress.

The solution provided included:

  • Video Modules
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Course & Quiz Data to Track Progress/Results


With this Learning Management System solution, we ensured that school personnel could use technology to complete the training and assessments needed to remain in compliance with state regulations.

The state of Virginia can now use the data available to understand the progress of each new training requirement and to report on how many teachers have successfully completed courses.

In a matter of a few months, over 14,000 teachers in the state of Virginia were able to go through the courses and the Virginia Department of Education can now see and verify this data.


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