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We are confident that for the next several years to come, TechArk will continue to be the trusted technology partner for SSVA when it comes to workflow automation and streamlining to create efficiencies in their business.


The Problem

When you have over 300 employees spread across multiple locations within the state and you are mandated by the government to run company-wide certifications in an unrealistic timeline – what do you do? This is exactly the scenario that SSVA Inc faced in 2016 when suddenly a new mandate was passed which required annual certifications and training to be delivered to their employees. In the past, SSVA would have relied upon an entire team that would visit each of their locations across Coastal, Central and Southern Virginia offices and spend hours and hours of time training and certifying their employees – overall a very expensive affair when you have to do this certification process on an ongoing annual basis.

SSVA was looking for a technology partner that would understand the nuances with their business and deliver a robust solution that would address this immediate and very expensive challenge they were facing. They turned to TechArk.


We Solved

In a series of meetings, we identified the core issues and devised a plan on how technology can be used to address these challenges. One of the big needs was to provide training to their staff members and so TechArk researched and found an inexpensive open-source solution that was very flexible and feature-rich. We setup the entire training curriculum within this learning management system making it super easy for their employees to login and get self-paced training. This LMS provided features where the employee could learn and then take self-assessment quiz after the lesson while the system tracks the employee progress.

In addition to the LMS (Learning Management System), TechArk developed a custom web portal solution. This portal would allow the supervisors to track the qualifications for each of their employees and generate the certifications that were mandated by the government. The beautiful part about this solution is that everything is web based and the supervisors at each location could just login to the portal and take care of the certification assessments. This solution resulted in the savings of hundreds of man hours which equates to thousands of dollars and man-hours while ensuring that the company was not only in compliance with the requirements but actually overdeliving to the expectations. The solution also enables SSVA to do this certification on an annual basis and all the records are maintained within the cloud.

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