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Website Design & Development Plans

Website Design & Development Plans

Website Hosting & Maintenance Plans

Website Hosting & Maintenance Plans

Migrating Your Website to TechArk

Migrating Your Website to TechArk

Get Found on Search Engines (SEO)

Get Found on Search Engines (SEO)

Online Advertising (Search, Social & Display Ads)

Online Advertising (Search, Social & Display Ads)

Content Marketing (Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Production)

Content Marketing (Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Production)

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions


Website Design & Development Plans

Absolutely. In addition to designing and developing websites, TechArk provides expert hosting & website maintenance services.

Yes! The admin area of the website is user friendly. You will love how easy it is to make the content updates.

Every website is designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive. We also test across all modern browsers.

The TechArk team has designed and developed hundreds of custom websites across all sorts of industries.

We understand that every business is unique. Our team will provide you with a custom quote tailored to your specific requirements. Click here to get a Free Quote.

Your website will be developed with fundamental search engine best practices in mind. Additionally, we are able to help improve your search engine rankings further with our ongoing SEO packages.

Your free quote will include the specific timeline that we will commit to. Our team makes sure that we meet those timelines and we launch the site on time.

Almost every website we develop is hosted and maintained by us. We also update and secure your site.

At the beginning of the project, we assign a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Yes! We have supported over 50 non-profit organizations throughout our history and are passionate about supporting the great work these organizations do. We offer all non-profit organizations a 20% discount on all of our work.

Yes! The best websites are the ones that communicate with your other business systems. We have experience working with a variety of other platforms and can develop your site in a way that will increase your overall business efficiency.

Your website will be built with the latest security best practices in mind. If you choose to host your site with us, we will also renew your SSL certificate, perform monthly manual website updates, and backup your website daily.

Yes! Your business will own your website and your domain.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

Website Hosting & Maintenance Plans

You can contact our global team 24/7 via phone, email, or through our website. You will love our support team.

For critical issues, you will hear back within minutes. Most other requests are addressed within 24 hours.

We apply the WordPress Updates, upgrade the plugins and secure your website. There are no hidden costs.

Our hosting plans ensure 99.9% uptime. We also use monitoring tools so you don’t have to worry about the site.

We typically invoice you monthly. Our simple pricing includes hosting, SSL and maintenance.

Minor text updates, swapping out images, editing existing pages are included up to the monthly allotted hours.

Absolutely you can. It is not mandatory for you to host your website with us. Most customers do host with us.

We will take a backup of your site and set it up on our server first to ensure there is minimum to no downtime.

No problem at all. Simply reach out to Support and we can restore your website from the latest backup.

All our hosting is in the US. We use cloud-based shared or dedicated servers depending on the site needs.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

Migrating Your Website to TechArk

We will ask you to connect us with your current vendor via email and/or phone. Based on your unique business needs, we will assess the existing hosting environment and develop a plan to safely and securely complete the migration. We will need domain registrar access and we will inform you of any additional access needed. Our team keeps you in the loop throughout the entire process.

No, we don’t anticipate any downtime. Our team plans ahead to avoid downtime and ensure the migration is seamless for you, your staff and your customers.

If you have any paid plugins, features, photos or any components with a license you may need to purchase them to ensure you have full ownership of those licenses going forward. Our team will assess and guide you through these needs prior to initiating the migration.

DNS propagation typically takes 24-48 hours so it may take some time to see the new site once the migration is done. During the propagation, the previous site is still up and is accessible.

Every client situation is different so the answer depends on storage needs, website traffic and security requirements, to name a few. Depending on your specific needs, we may use a Shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting environment. Regardless of your unique circumstances, our team will advise you and recommend the best solution to meet your needs and ensure your website is secure and ready to serve your business.

Email hosting is not part of the website migration but your email delivery will not be impacted during the process.

The complexity and frequency of changes made to the site will determine the exact time frame. Sites with numerous features and those that see frequent changes may require a two-pass migration while simpler sites typically need just one pass. On average the process takes approximately 1 week to 10 days once the migration has been initiated.

Prior to initiating the migration, we will make a full backup of the site. You can keep the older site with the past vendor for 2 weeks to 1 month just in case.

Our team will map out the schedule so you will know when and how long to NOT make any changes to the site.

We strive to provide a smooth transition with every migration, however, every website is unique. Different themes, plugins, features and functionality may pose unforeseen circumstances which may not be detected until after the migration is complete. Our process involves rigorous testing to identify issues before we push the site live but because TechArk did not design or develop the site initially, we may need time to troubleshoot in order to determine the best solution to resolve any unexpected problems. These instances are very rare but we’re committed to transparency and will proactively communicate with you to minimize the impact on your business. Regardless of the issue, our expert team will address it promptly and make sure your website is fully functional and secure.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

Get Found on Search Engines (SEO)

Every month you will receive a custom report with information on your website’s search engine rankings, website traffic, online lead performance, and other critical website measurements.

Yes, we will need access to optimize the site. We will also set up goal tracking. Our team has website experts and we can host and maintain your website as well along with optimizing it for the search engines.

Your monthly reporting will show in-depth metrics on online leads, website traffic, search engine rankings, and other vital website metrics. We will also make strategic recommendations to help increase your website traffic and leads each month.

Your 100% transparent reporting will display month-over-month and year-over-year website traffic numbers so you can see exactly how your website traffic is performing.

Your dedicated Account Manager will respond to all of your inquiries within 1 business day. You’ll also hear from us throughout the month with updates on your SEO performance and strategic recommendations for improvement.

Absolutely! Our team of SEO writers can write custom blogs or website content for you on any topic you like! We can also provide content recommendations based on the keyword research.

SEO is a long-term investment. That said, our first step will be to review your entire website to ensure your SEO fundamentals are in place. This allows all of our future efforts to make an impact as quickly as possible.

We can optimize your current website or develop a custom-built SEO-optimized website for you. We will discuss the best option for your business and move forward with whichever options work best for you.

Absolutely! We can develop custom paid advertising, email marketing, and content marketing campaigns to generate leads for your business on a variety of platforms.

We perform a thorough keyword research and competitive analysis for you. We use tools that give us a lot of intelligence on how to outsmart your competition.

SEO is basically done to increase the ranking of your website pages without paying a lot of money for advertising. To generate more leads from your site, SEO is extremely important.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

Online Advertising (Search, Social & Display Ads)

Most people spend their time online nowadays. Whether it is Google, Social Media or other popular sites, promoting your business to the right audience will bring qualified prospects and in turn, help grow your business.

This answer depends on a lot of factors but the most important is your industry and which channel is the best fit for your target audience. Our experts can help figure out the best fit for your needs.

There are a few things involved to launch a successful campaign. We have a proven process to guide you through strategy, ad creation, campaign and reporting setup. We typically request 3-4 weeks time.

Our advertising specialists review your campaigns several times every week. We typically report once a month and can also generate weekly or bi-weekly reports if you prefer.

The digital advertising space is vast. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Ads, Display Ads, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting etc. The specific strategies will depend on your business.

The TechArk team of experts have worked on a large number of successful digital campaigns for businesses of all sizes. We will craft a unique solution for your business and your industry to drive remarkable results.

Yes. We have several designers and web developers on our team. Everything your campaign needs, we have the resources to make that happen.

Many agencies use their own Ad account and you don’t own your campaigns. TechArk always ensures that your ad account is owned by you because that is the right thing to do in our opinion.

We do have several tools we use to learn extensively about your business and your competition. We will share these insights with you as we craft the specific plan for you.

Most agencies charge 20-25% commission from your advertising budget. We see this as a conflict of interest because if you spend more, they make more. TechArk’s cost is simply based on the time we will spend in managing your campaign. We don’t charge any commissions and your entire budget is spent directly.

At the beginning of the project, we assign a dedicated account manager who will continue to stay in touch with you and manage all aspects of your campaign. In addition to online advertising, we also offer organic search engine optimization and content marketing services. The account managers at TechArk are very knowledgeable.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the specific campaigns needed to generate remarkable results for your business.

Content Marketing (Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Production)

Most businesses have similar challenges and don’t have the time and this is exactly where we can help. We have a team of experts that can craft the content, design and schedule your posts. We also plan out your content calendar a month in advance.

Our goal is to become an extension of your team while saving you time. Starting with our comprehensive strategy call, we will dive into any existing marketing assets you have. We will also need access to your social channels. We promise, it won’t be a lot of homework.

Absolutely, we can. We have run successful ad campaigns for many businesses with remarkable results. TechArk offers full-service digital marketing services to help you generate qualified leads and in turn, grow your business.

Our website experts can add the email subscription feature on your website. This way, when the user provides their email, they are entered straight into your email marketing software. We can then craft regular newsletters to send to those audiences.

This is simple - it’s yours and you own it. Other agencies may claim ownership to such information. At TechArk, we are very clear. It is your business information and you continue to own it.

Yes, we can. We have professional copywriters on our team that love to produce new content. Our team is also experienced with many industries. We will spend time to know your business and how you differentiate. We will then craft unique stories and messages to help you grow.

Video has already become a very strong medium for creating awareness about your brand and to generate qualified leads. We have video producers and professional videographers on our team. We can help you spread the word about your business.

This is a great question and we can provide you with a detailed proposal. Let’s schedule a quick discovery call so we can learn more about your business, your industry and the goals you are looking to achieve. We will then create the plan of action and share it with you.

Our goal is to give you a hassle-free experience and save you time. During the first month, we will request a couple of meetings to collect what we need to get started. Thereafter, we will just need a few hours from you monthly to review the content and the detailed reports.

Content Marketing is a proven technique to drive qualified, inbound leads. You essentially produce valuable content for your visitors. This content can be in many forms such as email newsletters, blogs, social media posts and video messages.

If you have a good service or a good product and you want to grow your business, generating leads online is very important and relatively inexpensive. We will craft custom campaigns that deliver results, exceed your goals and meet the ROI expectations.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the specific campaigns needed to generate remarkable results for your business.

Custom Software Development

We have helped many customers with their app solutions. We have a proven Discovery Process which will answer a lot of your questions. We will also collect the most important needs and provide you an estimate. Schedule a quick call here.

We have experience with various software technologies. Our approach is to craft the business solution first and then whether we need to build mobile apps, web applications, cloud apps or software integration, we will guide you with all of that.

Absolutely. You can visit our Portfolio page to see all our work including the software solutions we have developed. Here is a link to our Google Reviews so you can see what our customers are saying. We can also certainly connect you with specific customers as references.

Based on the various projects we have worked on, the minimum timeframe for any software project is at least 4 months. Depending upon your specific solution, this timeframe will vary. Once we commit to a timeline, we work extremely hard to meet it.

At the beginning of the project, we assign a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Absolutely. Most of the customers we have worked with have continued to stay on with us for support and ongoing maintenance. We are proactively updating the solutions to make sure everything continues to work effectively.

We have migrated and maintained many such applications for our customers. We are extremely strong at understanding existing code and helping you maintain and extend it further.

Yes, most certainly. Based on what you need, we can build a dedicated team of software architects, programmers, testing professionals, designers and project managers. We also offer pricing tiers.

Every business including ours has various processes. Many times, older ways of doing things result in paper or spreadsheet based solutions which are quite inefficient. We can develop custom solutions to streamline your processes. This will in turn help you in growing your business because you will reduce costs and increase productivity.

A typical software project we work on takes at least 4 months of work. We will be assigning various members of our team to work on your project. All our proposals are based on the hours we will be spending on your project. Different resources on the team have a different hourly rate. In most cases, we can give you a fixed-cost proposal once we have completed the high-level Discovery phase.

We use Basecamp for all project communication and we invite you as a client when the project kicks off. Our Project Manager will share updates as progress is made, generally every two weeks but varies based on the scope. We believe that communication is extremely critical. If we can get responses within 24 hours of our requests, that is ideal. Delays in communication will delay the project and may also affect the features implementation and their quality. We promise that we will keep our end of the bargain when it comes to Communication.

The first step is typically to document all the features of your software project. We call this the Requirements phase. During this phase, our business analyst will collect details about the solution. We will share this requirements document with you and request your approval. We request you to provide feedback/approval within 1 week of receiving the requirements document. This is extremely important to keep the project on track. Changes to scope after the approval of requirements may result in additional costs and time.

We actually prefer that we continue to collaborate. After the Requirements phase, we will create the Designs and share for your review. It is important to have your timely feedback to make the project successful.

It really depends on the nature of the changes requested. If the change is relatively minor (less than 4 hours), we can typically accommodate. Anything beyond would need to be addressed as a Change Order. We will document the requested changes and provide you the revised cost and timeline estimate. If the additional features or changes can be applied in future phases, we typically recommend that approach so you don’t have scope creep in your project.

Absolutely. We have a dedicated QA team that will test the various features of the application. While we perform this testing though, we may share a preview with you so you can also start testing and give us your feedback. All of this feedback from you and our team will be addressed as we develop a quality application.

With the launch of any solution, our goal is to keep the process as smooth as possible. We will give you a 24-48 hour timeframe when we will perform the solution launch (deployment). There are a lot of moving parts that have been addressed carefully. Please know that there may be some issues during deployment. We request your patience with this step of the process. Please be assured that the TechArk Team will be promptly addressing any of the issues. If you have engaged us for ongoing maintenance, our support team will then continue to take care of your solution.

We will give you a list of credentials and the access we need from you. We request you to provide timely access so we can meet the deployment window and launch the solution on-time.

We can support either Waterfall or Agile methodologies. The main goal is to define the requirements clearly, produce user-friendly designs and then develop the solution while we continuously test our work.

We use Azure DevOps source code control system. It is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft and is very robust.

After the solution has been developed and tested by our team, we will request you to review the application as well. We will then incorporate your feedback and deploy the solution LIVE. You may decide to test this application with some of your end-users / customers - we consider this phase as User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This is also referred to as Beta Testing. Bugs reported from this phase (typically 30 days from deployment) are covered at no additional costs. Any new feature requests or changes requested will be addressed as a Change Order.

This depends on whether you have signed up for our Application Maintenance. Almost all our customers continue to engage us to support and maintain their software solution. We have customers that have been with us for over a decade and you will love our support.

Yes, we typically include the training time in our proposals. If you need specific documentation created, we can discuss.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

Automation Solutions

You know that automation technology can help you grow your business while saving you time. Let’s discuss your business and our specialists can show you the specific steps and automations you can apply to transform your business.

Sure. Most successful businesses have teams including marketing, sales, operations, finance and customer support etc. Each of these teams typically use their own systems which don’t talk to each other creating duplicate data and inefficiencies. We can help you integrate these systems and automate tasks within them.

Absolutely. Are you using any marketing automation solution for your business? If not, you are truly missing out. Imagine, a new lead contacts you from your website. The system could automatically send an acknowledgement email and then follow that up with emails every few days to nurture that lead. When it is qualified, it can alert your Sales Team for they do best.

Many businesses still operate without an effective CRM system. Most of them don’t have it at all or it is not set up properly. The sales people don’t use it because it is clunky, requires duplicate data entry and is more of a chore instead of a utility. We have seen those challenges ourselves in our business and we set up systems and processes that allowed us to quadruple our team and our customers. We can do the same or better for you.

We are a globally distributed team of hundreds of experts. You can imagine the communication challenge we may have faced. We got to work and leveraged existing systems like Basecamp (we love it) and Trello to create an extremely strong culture of accountability and responsiveness. Our customers love the pace at which we respond. We can share the best practices and help you set up similar systems and processes.

Absolutely. Most likely, your systems are already based in the cloud and may allow other systems to integrate with them. We can review these systems and guide you with the best steps you can employ to improve your processes and increase efficiency. The goal is to build these systems so you can spend more time in proactive growth mode instead of the reactive firefighting mode.

You can contact our global team 24/7 via phone, email, or through our website. You will love our support team.

This answer will depend on the time it will take us to build your specific automation. What we can tell you now is that the cost will be relatively much smaller than the time your teams are spending on inefficient systems currently.

Our teams do have a lot of experience in working with many different technologies and systems. Let’s discuss your specific needs and we should be able to help you.

In a way, yes we do. While we are not a staffing or staff augmentation business, our technical experts become an extension of your team. We dive deep in your business and processes to outline your top technology challenges. We then craft simple, easy solutions. We have transformed hundreds of businesses over the past decade of our journey.

At the beginning of the project, we assign a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

We have several team members within our development team who will work on your project. Our Training Specialist will train you on the final solution.

We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the specific campaigns needed to generate remarkable results for your business.

If you still have questions, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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