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TechArk transformed Liebherr’s old paper based processes into new, easy-to-use custom online solution.


The Problem

A worldwide organization, Liebherr prides itself on exemplary customer service and custom-tailored solutions for customers, but their old paper-based processes were no longer cutting it. As technology evolved and improved, they realized they needed to match it in order to meet their customers’ needs.

Calling in the digital construction experts, Liebherr selected TechArk for multiple technological projects, including a mobile and web application.


We Solved

Doing what we do best, TechArk built a database solution to help track inventory and manage their dealerships. To top it all off, we programmed a custom Estimate Builder that enables the dealerships to build estimates as if they are configuring a car.

The project has been so successful, Liebherr has needed to modify and add new features as users interact and provide feedback. TechArk has been happy to keep things running smoothly for Liebherr, and they’ve been a satisfied client of ours for multiple years.
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