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Only a month after the official launch of their iOS and Android app, Greek to Me reported that the app has already been download in four continents! People around the world are easily able to learn Biblical Greek.


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Greek to Me

The Problem

When the founder of Greek to Me approached TechArk in early 2018 he was seeking a tool to assist teaching Biblical Greek to modern-day English. Since education is one of our favorite causes, we were thrilled. Using existing information and a program of courses, TechArk took this educational mobile app client back to school with Greek To Me, available on iOS and Android. Our client’s goals with this mobile app to assist students learning Biblical Greek were threefold:

  1. Create a source for students & professors to access tools for learning Biblical New Testament Greek
  2. Ensure consistency between website, apps, and all other materials (textbooks, video content, etc.)
  3. Intuitive user interface with easy access, minimal confusion
Greek to Me

We Solved

To address each pain point and concern, TechArk designed an intuitive app interface filled with various specialized “decks.” Comprised of flashcards, the user could swipe and flip cards to learn, practice, and test their progress. In-app purchases and a Premium version assuaged the client’s financial fears, and we remained in close contact with him each week. His feedback was the primary driver on this project, and flowed seamlessly with our agile project management style.

On-time, to-spec, and in-budget, we are excited to announce the launch of this platform. Greek to Me also engaged us to take on another project, GreekToMe.Biz, a Learning Management System for online on-demand courses and tools. We have completely reimagined this website, app, and business, and look forward to many happy years of innovation and support with Greek To Me.

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