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Barry Art Museum turned to TechArk’s creative team to provide an online experience of the museum’s rich and diverse collections.

Non-Profit Norfolk, VA
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The Challenge

Barry Art Museum opened in November 2018 as a cultural and educational destination on the campus of Old Dominion University. The museum’s initial branding and web presence, however, fell short of the clients’ goals. Visitor feedback suggested that people had difficulty navigating the website.

The Solution

TechArk worked to elevate the brand and build an online presence for the museum. Our design team developed a modern and minimalist logo with a style guide inspired by the museum’s diverse collection. We also worked closely with the museum team and Old Dominion University to develop a website to showcase the museum’s collections, exhibitions and events. To help ensure that cultural experiences remained accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic, TechArk developed a Virtual Tour online, which remains as an interactive feature.

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