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For over 5 years now, TechArk has enjoyed the wonderful relationship with this customer. In addition to developing a mobile app, we have since worked on other integration opportunities and it is exciting to see this historic brand chart new paths in unknown waters based on the guidance of the design and development experts at TechArk.

Waterway Guide Marinas

The Problem

Waterway Guide is an interactive cruising and boater guide featuring mile-by-mile navigation, marina and anchorage listings, fuel pricing and boating news. Updated annually by on-the-water cruising editors and office staff, these resources are the indispensable cruising companions for boaters exploring the Bahamas as far south as the Turks & Caicos and Cuba to the upper reaches of Maine, and includes the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, from South Padre Island, TX, to the Keys.

The Guides have been their key resource since starting in 1947. With the advances in technology, Waterway Guide was interested in developing a Waterway Guide Marina App that would highlight the details and services for over 3700 marinas and boatyards. In a series of discussions with the customer’s team, we understood the various data points for each marina, the featured listings, the fuel data and various integration possibilities for this very valuable information they had collected over time.

Waterway Guide Marinas

We Solved

Team TechArk designed very user-friendly design interfaces to rebrand the entire marina app. Every screen was painstakingly reimagined by crafting new icons for the different data points and we did the research to highlight and present the key information categorized for each marina. We did this for both the iOS and the Android platforms including the phone and the tablets. The team worked closely and collaboratively with the customer to determine how the hundreds of data points for each marina along with the high resolution photography and the featured marinas will be collected from their database. An efficient process was developed to regularly update and refresh the database within the app while still working within the size limitations set by Apple and Google for their mobile platforms.

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