Virginia Digital Maritime Center (VDMC)

Steering Growth in the Maritime Economy

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A website for the Virginia Digital Maritime Center (VDMC) serves as a digital harbor of resources and anchors Hampton Roads as a leading region in maritime excellence.

Non-Profit Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

The Virginia Digital Maritime Center (VDMC) was formed in 2024 from a merger of the Maritime Industrial Base Ecosystem (MIBE) and the Virginia Digital Ship Program. Harbored under the ODU Office of Enterprise Research and Innovation, the Center is charting the future of Virginia’s maritime enterprise through applied research and cutting-edge technology.

Prior to the merger, the Virginia Digital Ship website served primarily as a job board. The Center’s new leaders knew it needed a unified online presence to attract key stakeholders and illuminate the Center’s expertise and vision within the digital ship industry and maritime sector.

The Solution

The VDMC client brought compelling content and an aesthetic vision to the partnership. Our TechArk team refined these resources and developed a consolidated, user-centric website. This platform addresses the educational needs of academic institutes, industry stakeholders, and government bodies. The clean design and modern interface of tell the story of an organization navigating uncharted waters.

Today VDMC is advancing the maritime workforce, fostering collaborative partnerships, and driving economic growth. With technological innovation, digital analytics, and workforce development, the Center truly represents Hampton Roads as a standard-bearer in maritime excellence.

We’re proud to say the Center’s website is also making waves in the industry. As a platform for strategic communication, it helping VDMC establish regional influence, improve representation, enhance educational impact and change the collective mindset in the industry.


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