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Hampton Roads Transit

Re-imagining a modern, mobile-first website

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hampton roads transit

HRT (Hampton Roads Transit) desired a new mobile-first website to provide an engaging experience to its end users with easier ticket purchases and route guidance. TechArk knocked this one out of the park.



  • Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

HRT’s website needed to clearly highlight the various modes of services they provide including buses, ferries, light rail, and paratransit. Their previous website was not optimized making it difficult for website visitors to easily find what they needed on mobile devices. The new website needed to accommodate mobile users in a wide variety of demographic ranges.

HRT Solution

The Solution

TechArk collected various data sets from HRT, sifted through existing website analytics, and analyzed huge amounts of existing content. We identified that ticket purchasing and route guidance were the top two goals for website visitors. TechArk then created responsive, cross-platform, high-fidelity designs to make it easier for visitors—especially mobile users—to make ticket purchases and get route guidance support.


By making it easier for passengers to find routes and purchase tickets online, TechArk provided HRT with the tools needed to increase rider traffic on all modes of services, as well as to encourage less frustrated, more satisfied customers, leading to repeat business and good word-of-mouth referrals.

Old Website New Website
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HRT Old Website
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