A Lesson in Precision Teamwork

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Dominion Enterprises

With a tight deadline and concurrent teams working in parallel, communication and efficient project management is necessary. TechArk generated the HTML assets and delivered a week ahead of time with room to address client feedback.


Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

The client wished to revamp a portion of the Homes.com website. This was a tight deadline project that required outside support. TechArk was called upon to support the web page design and HTML conversion efforts. This project had several unique aspects. First, there were internal teams working on other site areas concurrently. This required TechArk to work cohesively to honor the design aesthetics of the other interior site areas. Second, the strict deliverable deadlines required excellent PM coordination. Third, the demand for high-quality results was emphasized from the initial stages. Fourth, communication and project management processes were expected from the initial kickoff.

The Solution

TechArk’s global team has both design and development expertise. TechArk’s PM team created a project schedule and a list of deliverables as well as the expectations for the client deliverables. A single POC was identified for the client, and the PM interacted on a weekly basis with project sync meetings. Deliverables were provided every two weeks starting with design deliverables and then providing standards-based HTML assets. Knowing the urgency of this project, TechArk’s team members worked around-the-clock to meet every deliverable and deadline. TechArk generated the HTML assets and delivered a week ahead of time with room to address client feedback. TechArk had to observe strict coding standards guidelines. In addition, TechArk provided the client’s team additional optimization techniques for micro-data integration. On the heels of this project, several other opportunities opened for TechArk with other teams at Homes.com.

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