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Retail Alliance

Putting the Love
Back in LOVEVA

Mobile App and Website Design Solutions

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Retail Alliance

TechArk took on the completion of the award-winning local LOVEVA mobile app and also helped completely re-imagine their website with a clean, mobile-friendly and beautiful design.



  • Norfolk, VA
Retail Alliance Challenge

The Challenge

Retail Alliance has positioned itself as “Your retail champion in Hampton Roads”. TechArk is striving to become the “Leading Technology and Marketing Partner in Hampton Roads”. From our first meeting, we knew we had a lot in common.

On multiple occasions, we find ourselves meeting prospects that have invested heavily – in both time and money – with other website or software development vendors. For various reasons, the vendor is not able to support these clients and the customer needs are generally ignored. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think. Situations like these are the reason Team TechArk’s highest priority is meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

While the team at Retail Alliance had been working extremely hard on this concept of the LOVEVA mobile app, the development team that was working on this project suddenly disbanded and the entire project’s future was in question. Retail Alliance was in a dire need of a software development partner that could quickly learn the existing functionality used within the LOVEVA mobile app platform and deploy the app after resolving the critical issues. TechArk stepped up to the challenge.

Retail Alliance Solution

The Solution

For Retail Alliance, we put together a plan to review their current codebase. Some of the technologies were new for our team and we started spending extra hours to understand the underlying architecture and the hosting solution. We noticed that the web solution’s foundation was out of date causing the app to crash. The mobile app needed some serious and quick fixes to get it up and running properly. We created a comprehensive plan and setup an environment where we could thoroughly test the revisions we made. The customer was impressed by how quickly we learned the platform as well as our ability to provide suggestions that would improve functionality and include innovative features.

Soon after, the marketing team from Retail Alliance reached out and requested a proposal for redesigning the website. When they saw how diligently we were working to support and extend the LOVEVA mobile app platform, they also tasked TechArk team to solve the challenges with their website. We noticed that Retail Alliance had many good programs but the website was not providing a complete picture of the organization and the user experience made the programs difficult to find.  The existing website was very busy and had an outdated look. We got to work and delivered a clean, easy to use website that is also mesmerizingly beautiful looking.

One of the key factors in our growth as a company has been our clients seeing what we do best and coming back to us with additional projects for our team. The same customers also keep referring us to their contacts anytime they come across folks that can use our services. Retail Alliance did exactly that.

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