The Mariner’s Museum

Restoring Collections and Connections

Software Development
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Software migration helps preserve a catalog of artifacts and revive connections to maritime history.

Non-Profit Newport News, VA

The Challenge

The Mariners’ Museum showcases maritime heritage and history through a vast collection of over 32,000 artifacts, including ship models, figureheads, scientific instruments, and full-size boats. The collection is accessible through a searchable online database at However, maintaining the collection became a challenge when the software agreement with the museum’s developer expired. The staff realized that the software was falling behind on current coding standards and code releases.

The Solution

The Museum turned to TechArk for help. Our team conducted a Discovery to assess the possibility of adopting a third-party software package. After examining the entire code base, we concluded that we could take on the project, work with the previous developer, upgrade the entire code base to the latest versions, and fully host and maintain the project.

As a result of our efforts, The Mariners’ Museum now has a stable, fully supported web application for displaying their collection, significantly enhancing their online presence and making their collection more accessible to the public.


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