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ECPI University

ECPI wanted to refresh parts of their website and needed a technology partner they could trust. By evaluating their audience and loads of data, we brought solutions for overall improvement.



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ECPI Challenge

The Challenge

ECPI needed to bring a unique, fresh look and perspective to their website while increasing awareness of their online enrollment offerings. They wanted to present an easy way to navigate their core offerings, reduce the number of clicks to access information, generate new traffic, and increase enrollment.

In addition, they were faced with maintaining current search rankings and avoiding any negative impact on the current enrollment process or to the student’s experience.

ECPI Solution

The Solution

We set out to truly understand the way people were finding and interacting with ECPI. To do this, we devised a custom approach that included a strategic review of audience insights, current offerings, and in-depth heat mapping to determine how people were accessing and consuming information available on ECPI’s website. Then we presented our findings and solicited feedback to evaluate the next steps.

After thorough research and evaluation of feedback, we delivered a wireframe for a new homepage. The new design presented a modernized look and feel with updated fonts, colors, and menus that made information intuitive and easily accessible while reducing clicks. The design also included integrated features that provided a unique balance of online and offline course information without negatively disrupting the current online look and feel.


We are pleased to continue with the team at ECPI on additional projects as they work to implement their new design changes throughout the rest of their website.

Key features presented in the new design for the ECPI home page:

  1. Created internal pages to provide a complete user-focused experience
  2. Designed a Mega-menu to provide more intuitive access to information
  3. Mobile-first design making it easier for users to navigate on the go

This new approach to their homepage design provided ECPI with much-needed insight into the way their marketing team was approaching this project. The result was a shift in strategy for updating and redesigning their entire website from a more holistic viewpoint.

ECPI Result
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