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Norfolk, Hampton, Williamsburg VA

TechArk updated Kaufman & Canoles website to a new CMS that migrated all content and allows for easy and quick updates in the future.

Kaufman & Canoles

The Problem

The existing website was developed using a Plone CMS implementation and suffered from several maintenance and usability issues. When the previous website host could not deliver on responsiveness and technical implementation, TechArk was called to take over the hosting and to provide solutions for the usability and site display issues.

Kaufman & Canoles

We Solved

TechArk provided dedicated hosting for the Plone CMS, provided a dedicated development and testing environment, and managed all of the support requests for the client. The client called upon TechArk to deliver a rebuilt website using a more modern content management system. Using the same design, TechArk delivered a standards-based website as well as a content migration plan. The website includes specific templates for maintaining directories of attorneys and data points for the attorneys.

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