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TechArk Re-imagined the 757 Angels Group website to cater to both entrepreneurs looking for funding and angels looking for businesses to support.

Non-Profit Virginia Beach, VA

The Challenge

This non-profit organization benefits the Hampton Roads community by connecting investors to entrepreneurs and their startups to form a symbiotic professional relationship favorable to everyone involved. With TechArk’s headquarters in Hampton Roads, we were excited to be a part of such an honorable endeavor to better our community.

The Angels needed a new website design to revitalize their online presence and improve the user experience. The website needed to appeal to both investors looking for startups to fund and aspiring business owners.

The Solution

We streamlined the content and design, transforming the average user’s impression of the site from mediocre to extraordinary. We also updated the homepage to offer two options: Entrepreneur or Angel, to allow users to customize their experience. Since the website update a few years ago, 757 Angels have invested more than $45 million into entrepreneurial companies.

We believe in earning repeat business from our customers. For the past several years, we have continued to maintain, update and host the website for 757 Angels. We have also developed an Investor Portal for 757 Angels. This investor portal is a web based application where the investors can quickly get investment related documents and resources in one place. The companies upload the information into the portal regularly and the investors are notified in real-time thus avoiding a lot of paper transmissions. It also allows for quick and easy communication. This is yet another example of TechArk’s commitment to innovate and make an impact with our software solutions.

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