Institute of Coastal Adaptation and Resilience (ICAR)

Raising Awareness on Rising Tides

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A website for The Coastal Virginia Adaptation & Resilience Consortium raises awareness of the risk of rising sea levels in our own CoVA community.

Non-Profit Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

Old Dominion University’s Institute of Coastal Adaptation and Resilience (ICAR) embarked on a mission to launch a new website that strategically communicated the goals of their grant-funded consortium. This Consortium plays a pivotal role in assisting business communities to prepare, adapt and thrive in the face of sea level rise.

The client needed a partner who was skilled at content strategy and content writing, in addition to website development, to build out an online platform to raise awareness and engagement with their target audience.

The Solution

TechArk was awarded the RFP to build Our team, in close collaboration with the client, meticulously crafted a content strategy that effectively conveyed the Consortum’s messaging. Our designers then brought this strategy to life with a custom website and interactive graphics to build user understanding of complex environmental topics like shoreline prevention.

The resulting website checked all the clients’ boxes, ensuring accessibility compliance and adherence to the brand standards shared with us.

The successful execution of this vital project led to a second project with the client. Our team rebuilt, the primary website of the Consortium’s founding organization, The Institute for Coastal Adaptation & Resilience (ICAR) at Old Dominion University (ODU). We refreshed the sitemap and content during the rebuild, providing a site that the client will be able to rely on for years to come.


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