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Rosenblum Plastic Surgery

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Rosenblum Plastic Surgery came to us after other agencies weren’t able to provide the level of communication they wanted or the results they were promised.



  • Healthcare


  • Virginia Beach, VA

The Challenge

In a highly competitive market (Skin Care and Plastic Surgery), we were presented with a list of primary keywords that Rosenblum Plastic Surgery wanted to rank in the top 3 for within their local market. No small challenge.

Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Solution

The Solution

Our strategy utilized blog content optimization for their keywords along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Ongoing optimization and campaign reporting of Analytics, AdWords, and Display Advertising ensured timely, effective communication and measurable results


We executed a custom digital marketing strategy that almost immediately produced the results desired. During the first year the Google Ad campaigns performed extremely well, boasting a 6.28% conversion rate and growing to 15.6% by the end of the second year.

We then redesigned the website in the third year and continued to boost organic and paid traffic. In comparing overall data from the first to the third year the Google Ad campaigns conversions landed at 15.88%, visitors increased by 189.66% and the bounce rate improved by 45.91%. The results were inarguable.

Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Results
Old Website New Website
MacBook Screen
Rosenblum Plastic Surgery
Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Old Website
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