Rosenblum Plastic Surgery

Virginia Beach VA

With a modern makeover by TechArk, Rosenblum Plastic Surgery’s website is looking good.

The team at Rosenblum Plastic Surgery knows the importance of an attractive appearance. They chose TechArk to update their website as well as improve online visibility. We did just that, with the new site seeing a 9.16% increase in conversion rate in one year.


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Rosenblum Plastic Surgery

The Challenge

When Rosenblum Plastic Surgery first approached us, they were looking to update their website with a modern, sleek design. TechArk was ready to operate, with a combination of custom procedures to help bring their dreams to life. We listened to their concerns, expectations, and goals, and knew just what the doctor ordered.


The Solution

Our team completed a content overhaul with the goal of enhancing the average user’s impression with friendly, non-threatening language to speak to a potential plastic surgery candidate and to appease the rigorous content standards imposed by the search engines. With an approachable and intelligent voice, the site was well on its way to seeing an increase in conversions.

As persistent in their quest for perfection as their patients, Rosenblum returned to us with a fresh need post-launch. Now that their website was as beautiful as their work, they needed a way to show off their new assets. Our digital marketing specialists took the site’s analytics under the knife, monitoring audience behavior, and running paid ads with strategic targeting parameters:

  • 1st page ranking for the majority of services
  • 12 conversions during the 1st display ad campaign

Next, we took over all of Rosenblum’s social media accounts, posting organically as well as running custom paid ad campaigns. Our social media team was able to drive traffic to the site with original graphics, clever messaging, and discrete calls to action.


After becoming TechArk’s client in 2017, Rosenblum’s website saw an 88% increase in visitors as well as a 26% decrease in Bounce Rate. All targeted, organic keywords ranked on the first page of Google’s search results. Their Google Ad campaign conversion rate increased exponentially in 2017 to 6.28% and skyrocketed to 15.4% by the end of 2018. This was an enormous feat, as the medical industry average for conversion rate is around 2.5%.

Old Website New Website
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Rosenblum Plastic Surgery
Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Old Website

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