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Prosper Insurance Group

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Working closely with Prosper Insurance Group, TechArk designed and developed a website that met their goal of having a simplistic, but informative website.



  • Virginia Beach, VA
Prosper Insurance Group Challenge

The Challenge

Prosper Insurance Group had been a leading insurance company that had experienced exponential growth with their business model and they needed a way to position themselves as an industry leader. They had specific goals regarding the simplicity and the design of the website. However, their website suffered due to their previous website host’s compromises.

Prosper Insurance Group Solution

The Solution

TechArk worked through several iterations of design to meet the design goals for the customer. A long-scrolling page design and unique page graphics were developed to demonstrate the unique process of Prosper Insurance Group. All of these assets were then incorporated within an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website.

Old Website New Website
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Old Website
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