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Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Richmond VA

TechArk designed and developed a bright, clean space for Mini Price to call their own. With a mobile-responsive design, user-friendly interface, and login portal for customers, this website is moving on up.

MiniPrice Storage

The Problem

As the name might suggest, Mini Price Storage offers affordable units for the storage needs of Hampton Roads. When their website was running out of space, however, they knew it was time to call in a different kind of expert.

MiniPrice Storage came to TechArk with a Joomla-based website. MiniPrice was not happy with the promptness of their former development company. In addition, MiniPrice Storage wanted to improve the design of the site, the search engine optimization, and the mapping display.

MiniPrice Storage

We Solved

TechArk developed a WordPress website while maintaining the Joomla site during development. In the process, specific tools were provided to the MiniPrice Storage team to continue the search engine management. TechArk developed a custom mapping display system used to support the search for the nearest MiniPrice Storage location. In response to these deliverables, MiniPrice Storage has engaged TechArk to build a second website, Performance Collision Center.

Old Website New Website
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