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Fairfax VA

After three sleepless weeks, our graphic designers and developers delivered a complete rebrand for one of Amdocs’ internal products for the top three national telco providers.


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The Problem

Amdocs is a creative communications software and services provider to some of the world’s largest communications and media companies. As fellow techies, we were starstruck and couldn’t wait to start working together.

Amdocs’ sales teams needed some snazzy design work done for when they were presenting to huge service providers, and then again for after they won the bids from aforementioned huge service providers. TechArk stepped on stage for a debut performance larger than any before.


We Solved

Carefully crafted with an easily navigable User Interface (UI), rewarding User Experience (UX), and precisely calibrated branding elements, Amdocs’ client loved their new designs and the iPad app. In fact, they loved it so much that Amdocs has continued to engage TechArk, sending us more work for various major telco clients. In March of 2017, we built out all of their product demonstrations and presentation materials for their product launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. We anticipate many more projects with Amdocs for years to come.

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