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Suffolk VA

Now Purpics puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising, and does a lot of good in the process. Leveraging the power of Instagram, PurPics increased funding for their charities, changing the way nonprofits advertise on social media.


The Problem

An innovative charity-oriented company with a heart of gold, Purpics saw that charities, volunteers, and businesses needed a simple yet social way of connecting charities with the people and companies who wanted to contribute.

“They said: ‘we want to be able to tie students into charities into businesses and…we want to be able to allow a business to run a campaign that will, in turn, grant a percentage of proceeds to charities,’” remembers Darnley Archer, TechArk project manager of programming and apps.


We Solved

TechArk knew just how to help. This multifaceted project included a website, web application and mobile app which allowed Purpics to harness the power of Instagram in order to leverage more funds for their charities. Donations rolled in based on the number of ‘Likes’ a charity’s post received, revolutionizing the way nonprofit businesses advertise on social media. The project has been so successful, it’s enabled Purpics to expand their program to include student organizations.

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