Gearing Up for Life-saving Results

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We were thrilled to hear that Medi-Materials sold out of their life-changing LVAD undervests during his first campaign. Not only are we doing a great job for our client and bringing him business, but we’re also helping an entire community of people live safer, more comfortable lives after heart failure, and that’s worth more than all the conversions in the world.

Healthcare Norfolk, VA

The Challenge

A few years ago, Medi-Materials founder John Stratton needed a website to spread the word about his potentially life-saving medical gear, and TechArk was happy to help. Then last year he invented something even more protective, and needed a marketing campaign to support its release.

Due to the medical nature of the product’s audience, we knew we had to spread the word in highly specific targeted circles. With some research we found forums online, groups on social media, and websites with open invitations for users to share content. We had our strategy.

The Solution

For this straight-edge medical client an old-school approach was best. We turned to best practices for healthcare website design. Working on content marketing for Medi-Materials, writing blogs each month which we then shared on social media and posted in forums and LVAD communities online.


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