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Software & App Solutions to Meet Your Objectives

We’ll help you say ‘goodbye’ to outdated software and ‘hello’ to smoother operations and increased profitability. That’s the power of software and app development solutions.

When commercial off-the-shelf solutions fall short of your business needs, we’ll develop a custom software solution to meet your objectives.

Case Study: NNS to GO

Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of HII, turned to TechArk for an employee communication solution. We developed a web-based-CMS integrated with a mobile app. This comprehensive solution enables Newport News Shipbuilding leadership to communicate effectively with thousands of their employees.

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Are you frustrated with your software developer? Do you have custom software left unsupported or incomplete by a previous vendor? TechArk can assess and stabilize your source code, then maintain your software and extend your feature set. We take pride in delivering quality work and communicating promptly with our clients.

Case Study: W.M. Jordan

W.M. Jordan relies on an iOS app to report progress from construction sites. A previous vendor inconsistenly maintained the app, causing usability and quality issues. TechArk analyzed the code, updated the software, and continues to provide maintenance and feature enhancements.

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If your company is using manual tools and spreadsheets to manage processes, there’s a more efficient, cost-effective way to do business. We develop cloud-based software integrations that automate business workflows and reduce friction for users.

Case Study: Health in Color

Health in Color, a non-profit organization with a critical health initiative, needed a better system to collaborate with stakeholders across a wide geographic area. We developed a Basecamp solution with training and support that helped the organization build unity for a common cause. The communication platform reduced reliance on email by over 50%.

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Digital Transformation, Defined

Digital Transformation is more than a trend. It’s a way of managing your company’s digital assets to achieve higher efficiency, improved resource allocation, and greater profitability.

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An Empowering Discovery Process

Growing businesses need a partner on the path to transformation. Our proprietary Discovery Process gives your business a roadmap to results. Step by step, we define the benchmarks for a successful, collaborative software development project, including a realistic timeline and budget for execution.

It’s easy to think of process or technology improvement as something “you’ll get around to someday.” Our team can help you overcome the hurdles that are holding your business back.

We have fully embraced the world of digital transformation and have helped many organizations based in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Elizabeth City, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Richmond, and beyond find impactful solutions to outdated systems. What are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

Our Five Phase Approach

Phase 1:

Define Features and Functionality

  • Consult and clarify objectives and high-level requirements
  • Identify target users and core functions for the project
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Phase 2:

Confirm Software & Hardware Requirements

  • Assess user experience (UX), data management, and feature set
  • Identify development requirements (language, operating system, hardware)
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Phase 3:

Establish Priorities & Project Phases

  • Clarify technical limitations, dependencies and integrations
  • Review available solutions and define approach
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Phase 4:

Scope, Timeline and Cost Assessment

  • Develop scope according to requirements and budgetary guidelines
  • Provide project timeline, resource allocation and milestones
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Phase 5:

Implementation Recommendation

  • Prepare Discovery Findings document 
  • Gain consensus on project scope, timeline and pricing
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Ready for a Tech Solution that Brings True Transformation?

Our digital transformation experts and experienced developers are ready to answer your questions and exceed your expectations! Let’s discuss a software or application solution.

Why Choose TechArk?

The right people in the right seats enable us to provide quality software & app development solutions. Because our team members are experts in their field, our entire development process runs smoothly.

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“Most companies had to use paper to track a new required training but because of software developed by TechArk, my company saved a significant amount of administrative time and money, giving us a competitive edge.” Support Services of Virginia-alt

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Support Services of Virginia
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Software Development Solutions FAQs

We have experience with various software technologies. Our approach is to craft the business solution first and then whether we need to build mobile apps, web applications, cloud apps or software integration, we will guide you with all of that.

Based on the various projects we have worked on, the minimum timeframe for any software project is at least 4 months. Depending upon your specific solution, this timeframe will vary. Once we commit to a timeline, we work extremely hard to meet it.

We can support either Waterfall or Agile methodologies. The main goal is to define the requirements clearly, produce user-friendly designs and then develop the solution while we continuously test our work.

Every business including ours has various processes. Many times, older ways of doing things result in paper or spreadsheet based solutions which are quite inefficient. We can develop custom solutions to streamline your processes. This will in turn help you in growing your business because you will reduce costs and increase productivity.
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