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Expert Solar required a wide variety of digital solutions to spread brand awareness and gain new customers. TechArk helped them achieve that.

Increasing Conversions by Over 125% Year-over-Year with TechArk’s Digital Marketing Expertise

Expert Solar was interested in finding a new digital marketing provider that could generate leads at a much higher rate and at a lower cost than their previous provider. TechArk was able to go above and beyond expectations and has helped Expert Solar find new customers in the market.

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The Challenge

Expert Solar came to TechArk looking for a more productive digital marketing partner. After unsuccessful campaigns with a previous partner, Expert Solar was looking to generate legitimate leads at a higher rate and at a lower cost per conversion. The overall goal of their efforts was to increase the number of users finding the site and converting them into a paying customer.

The Solution

To ensure that Expert Solar achieved the results they wanted, TechArk took a comprehensive approach to their overall digital marketing campaign. This began with a website redesign which was developed to drive conversions. Similarly, campaign efforts started with strategic optimization strategies such as intensive keyword research, creative ad copy creation, search term analyzation, landing page AB testing, and more.

The Result

Through the various efforts of TechArk’s digital marketing and website design and development team, Expert Solar saw a significant increase in users, conversions, and session time. SEO efforts resulted in a 288% increase of new users and Google Ads saw a 125.73% increase in conversion rate. These year-over-year results demonstrate that new users are finding Expert Solar, spending more time on their page, and converting to customers. Similarly, the overall cost per conversion came in at half the budget of their previous digital marketing provider. With TechArk’s help, Expert Solar has been able to increase their conversion rate while decreasing their budget.


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