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Rose & Womble was looking for a digital marketing vendor to deliver their desired results. TechArk was able to achieve a 30% increase in conversions year-over-year.


Achieving a 30% Year-Over-Year Increase in Conversions with TechArk Digital Marketing


Rose & Womble was looking for a digital marketing vendor to deliver their desired results. With TechArk, they found a transparent and results-driven team that could offer the digital marketing services they needed.



  • Hampton Roads, VA
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The Challenge

As a regional realty company, Rose & Womble was looking to increase/rehaul their marketing campaigns. Their former vendor was not delivering the results they desired, so many of their marketing efforts went unnoticed. To increase their brand awareness and conversions, Rose & Womble turned to TechArk.


The Solution

TechArk was the solution to Rose & Womble’s problem. As a transparent, forward-thinking, communicative, and results-driven team, TechArk created a digital marketing campaign using PPC and Programmatic advertising. These targeted campaigns focused on increasing brand awareness through zip-code targeting, geofencing, and office-radius techniques.

The Result

The PPC and Programmatic campaign was a success. Without TechArk, Rose & Womble achieved a 3.11% conversion rate on their campaigns. With TechArk, Rose & Womble reached a 9.24% conversion rate. Looking at a YOY (year-over-year) comparison, TechArk’s digital marketing campaigns increased conversions by 31%. Analyzing this data demonstrates the difference that a quality digital marketing partner can make towards attaining your business goals.


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