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Peninsula Kidney’s digital body of work is now as fit as their patients.

Peninsula Kidney Associates made the decision to update both their branding and website to bring in more business. With TechArk’s help, their online presence is better than ever, showing an increase in both website traffic and the amount of time spent on the site by visitors.


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The Problem

Peninsula Kidney Associates (PKA) is a full-service practice, providing diagnoses and treatments for kidney-related diseases and hypertension. They selected TechArk to perform surgery on their branding and website development, as well as to construct a custom digital marketing plan moving forward.

Peninsula Kidney Associates

The Solution

TechArk started by refreshing the branding to better communicate Peninsula Kidney Associates’ services. Their new brand highlights the practice’s medical expertise and niche specialty with a state-of-the-art website for healthcare professionals and patients alike. The new site was developed to be easily updatable and mobile responsive. The new, keyword-rich copy was incorporated as an SEO tactic to boost search engine rankings and improve visibility.


Since beginning their partnership with TechArk, Peninsula Kidney Associates has seen a 9.5% increase in website visitors and nearly a 17% increase in average session duration (the length of time visitors browse the site). The website continues to see an overall positive trend in website traffic.

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Peninsula Kidney Associates
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