Spa and Laser Center

Virginia Beach, Norfolk VA

Focusing on speed, security and aesthetics, TechArk built a beautifully user friendly website supported by social media marketing, SEO, and PPC.


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Spa and Laser Center

The Problem

In the crowded market of Medical Spas, there are several factors that work together to make you stand apart. It starts out obviously with an amazing experience of the luxurious spa services along with the demonstration of superior medical expertise. Spa and Laser Center with its two locations in Hampton Roads was designed precisely with these factors in mind.

Spa and Laser Center was looking to boost its online presence significantly and was looking for a digital marketing partner. They needed help with every facet of their digital presence including their website, the search engine rankings and the social media branding.


We Solved

TechArk’s team of web designers got to work and crafted a custom, mobile-friendly website for Spa and Laser Center. Huge focus was given to the speed, the security and the aesthetics of the website. We wanted to make sure that all factors involved with developing a high traffic, top ranked website were considered as we developed this website. The new look has already piqued interest of online visitors to their website.

TechArk’s support team has continued to support and maintain their website for multiple years now. We also crafted a digital marketing strategy that would encompass social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We started out first by optimizing the content on the website and boosting the rankings of the website pages within Google as part of our search engine optimization service. TechArk’s team then designed highly targeted textual and display ads that have resulted in tremendous year-over-year growth in terms of website traffic and lead conversions. TechArk has since added Yelp advertising, highly visual social media marketing services and website maintenance services to support the technology and marketing needs for their growing business.

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Spa and Laser Center
Spa and Laser Center Old Website

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