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The Problem

As an established and progressive heavy building materials company, Titan America is a building materials company in the eastern US with commitments to environmental responsibility and high safety standards. They strive for environmentally and socially conscientious products to protect and improve quality of life, personal property, and promote economic prosperity and unity. To support these operations, Titan America has many custom applications deployed over a wide IT infrastructure. These software systems include diverse applications such as a web application to track and to approve capital expenditures and to provide financial forecasting, an application to track the chemical signatures of manufacturing byproducts, and an application to monitor commercial train transportation events.

Experienced when it comes to manufacturing building materials and saving the world, Titan America also needed a little help spreading the word about their mission, values, and products.


We Solved

TechArk worked with multiple Titan America personnel on multiple software projects to document deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the legacy systems and to determine solutions to extend the desired functionality within the legacy systems. We engaged our senior software architects as well as the development team to collect existing source code and the associated code repository. We then reviewed and analyzed the app source code to identify all the key areas we will need to focus on as we looked to find out the effort needed to upgrade the applications. During the analysis process, we observed several areas of improvement within the app source code and communicated these observations to Titan America stakeholders. Our teams then worked with the customer collaboratively to extend the applications with additional functionality.

After completing the successful discovery project, Titan America hired TechArk as a software development partner to troubleshoot and to extend several application systems. Our project manager started working closely with their team keeping them posted about the project updates on a regular basis. TechArk’s development team worked diligently under the guidance of our senior architects and the work was delivered for regular feedback at the end of every sprint.

TechArk also provided a dash of our special digital marketing sauce to spice things up. Now that the economically, environmentally, & socially conscious can find the right building supplies, Titan can focus on quality production and timely distribution.

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