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Our expert developers fix and support custom business software applications

Frustrated with your incomplete, buggy, or unsupported custom software? Turn it over to our development team – we’re experts at solving glitchy software and usability issues for good.

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Fix My Software

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Improve Function and Features

No need to start from scratch. We’ll build on your existing codebase to improve functionality, add features and ensure that the new code works seamlessly.

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Resolve Usability Issues

Let us complete your unfinished software and optimize the code to address persistent usability issues. We can also adapt your software to evolving user requirements.

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Added Security Protection

Ensure that your software remains secure and protects users’ data. We’ll apply updates and security patches to protect your application against malware and hacking attempts

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Increased Long-Term Value

Proper maintenance reduces the risk of major failures and extends the lifespan of the software. We help you realize long-term cost savings and ongoing ROI with regular maintenance.

Can-Do Coding Capabilities

Our expert developers are ‘fluent’ in many coding languages including Python, JavaScript, PHP / Laravel, Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, and more.

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A Value-Add Process for Your Existing Software

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, businesses must ensure that their software remains functional and adaptable to meet changing needs. Our software maintenance and support services achieve this goal with issue resolution, performance enhancement, and security updates.

We won’t start until you have a clear roadmap of the resolution process and a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved.

As your trusted technology partner, we work proactively to resolve and vigorously test every solution. Throughout the process, our project managers keep you informed as we work on delivering quality software support services.

Our Software Repair Process

Phase 1:

Assessment & Software Access

  • Consult and clarify software issues and business impacts
  • Admin access to the software application is required
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Phase 2:

Codebase Assessment by the TechArk Team

  • Analyze the reported issues to understand root causes
  • Examine and evaluate the source code
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Phase 3:

Repair Plan, Quote and Timeline

  • Develop a plan for addressing issues with timeline and pricing
  • Gain client approval to proceed
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Phase 4:

Issue Repair and QA testing

  • Implement fixes to address identified issues
  • Perform thorough QA and regression testing to ensure issue resolution
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Phase 5:

Client Review and Approval

  • Coordinate with you to deploy repaired software
  • Monitor software post-launch to address issues or user feedback
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Phase 6:

Ongoing Support and Maintenance (recommended)

  • Software support including regular maintenance and updates
  • Provide training and documentation on features and functions 
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Why Choose TechArk?

The right people in the right seats enable us to provide the software support and maintenance services your business needs. We stay on top of the latest platform releases to make sure that your software stays current, and that it supports new features and integrations.

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“Most companies had to use paper to track a new required training but because of software developed by TechArk, my company saved a significant amount of administrative time and money, giving us a competitive edge.”

Chip Dodd

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Our digital transformation experts and experienced developers are ready to answer your questions and exceed your expectations! Let’s discuss a software or application solution.

Software Repair FAQs

Yes, we will need access in order to troubleshoot the issue and perform repairs. If you’d like, our team’s maintenance experts can also host and maintain your software following the repair service.

We begin with a discovery process to craft the perfect solution for your digital transformation. Before we can provide an estimate and timeline, we need to start with an understanding of where you are, what processes are in place, and what your ultimate goals are.

As long as we have administrative access, we can assess the options to optimize your current software. However, should you decide to make a change, our team has the capabilities to develop a custom software solution for you. We’re here to help with what works best for you.
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