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Tull Financial Group needed a marketing partner they could trust and came to TechArk through a friendly referral. They got more than expected with a dramatic increase in results within the first year.



  • Finance


  • Chesapeake, VA
Tull Financial Group Challenge

The Challenge

Tull Financial Group had previously invested in a website but the vendor had licensed it in an attempt to retain them as a client. They quickly grew frustrated when they weren’t able to make important changes to their website nor get the results from their website that they needed.

The financial industry is highly regulated and competitive which can provide additional challenges when choosing a partner to work with. We knew that developing a results-driven strategy required the right balance of experience and knowledge.

Tull Financial Group Solution

The Solution

We helped Tull Financial Group navigate the migration of their existing website and content, addressed licensing issues with various features of the website and immediately began work to improve results with a Search Engine Optimization strategy. We assigned a blog manager and developed a content strategy that included thorough research and keyword optimization in order to optimize blog posts while balancing legal compliance standards.

We provided regular communication and monthly reporting with insights on performance and recommendations for continued optimization.


Comparing organic website data year over year (2019 to 2018), visitors increased by 25.20%, and the Bounce Rate improved by a whopping 21.26%.

Beyond earning the trust of Tull Financial Group as a partner for their digital marketing needs, we have been able to help them get the results they need and continue to improve marketing efforts.

Tull Financial Group Result
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