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Spencer Pest Services was looking to restructure their digital marketing campaigns and generate new leads. TechArk was able to achieve the results they were looking for.

Increased Organic Traffic by Over 51% with SEO Services from TechArk

Spencer Pest Services was interested in generating more traffic to their website through organic SEO solutions and Google Ads management. They were looking for a partner that could provide transparent tracking while also increasing the number of leads and overall conversion rate. TechArk did it all.

South Carolina and North Carolina

The Challenge

Spencer Pest Services was running into challenges with their Google Ads management and SEO services. Their reporting platforms were showing great numbers and excellent performance, but those numbers were not accurate due to the lack of results they were seeing on their end. In order to address this problem, Spencer Pest Services needed a partner that could provide transparent tracking information and increase leads and conversions. TechArk was more than able to help.

The Solution

Since Spencer Pest Services’s main challenge was not seeing leads, TechArk chose to restructure their Google Ads campaign to ensure all tracking was accurate. In addition to paid digital marketing, Spencer Pest also wanted to streamline SEO efforts. Our SEO team worked with PPC specialists to create the ultimate lead generator, and the results speak for themselves.

The Result

As partners, TechArk and Spencer Pest Services have been able to collaborate and ensure the number of leads grow at the cheapest cost per conversion. Similarly, efforts were taken to ensure that the majority of leads generated are legitimate and lead to revenue generated at Spencer Pest Services. Through TechArk’s efforts, they were able to increase organic traffic to the website by over 52% and increase the conversion rate to 21%. The various digital marketing techniques used by TechArk led to the success of Spencer Pest Services Google Ads campaigns and its partnership with TechArk.


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