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Integrate your sales, marketing, and operations with our software solution.

Business process automation can truly transform the way you do business. Put a stop to losing time and money on manual workarounds. Maximize efficiency with tailored software solutions.

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Where Automation Software Solutions Really Work

Customer Relationships (CRM)-alt

Customer Relationships (CRM)

Automate aspects of your customer interactions, data, and communications to build more profitable relationships.

Marketing Processes (MarTech)-alt

Marketing Processes (MarTech)

Help your marketing team effectively execute campaigns, track customer behavior, and improve user experience with technology.

Workflows and SOPs-alt

Workflows and SOPs

Reduce the burden of repetitive, manual or time-consuming tasks your staff is currently spending their time on.

Operations and Accounting Software Integration-alt

Operations and Accounting Software Integration

Seamlessly connect your business software applications and systems for more effortless productivity.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)-alt

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Deliver engaging and efficient learning experiences for your staff and customers, such as e-learning courses, training programs and employee onboarding.

Employee Portal and Communication-alt

Employee Portal and Communication

One place for your employees to login and find important documents, quick links to various software, sales templates, time tracking and more.

Industry-Leading Software Solutions

We utilize leading off-the-shelf programs and custom integrations to design the perfect software integration solutions for your needs. Our experience helps you choose a software application to achieve your goals for success.

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The Steps to Business Process Transformation

It’s easy to think of business process automation as something “you’ll get around to someday.” Our team can help you overcome the hurdles that are holding your business back.

We have fully embraced the world of software automation solutions and have helped many organizations find truly impactful solutions to their outdated processes.

As your trusted technology partner, we work proactively and communicate regularly. Our automated software testing services team will do a full QA before deploying your solution. We’ll also fully train your team to success.

Our Four Phase Process

Phase 1:

Discovery & Requirements Gathering

  • Consult with you  to determine objectives and high-level requirements 
  • Detail technical specifications and develop integration design
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Phase 2:

Automation Development / Integration

  • Develop and validate end-to-end functionality of integrated system
  • Execute deployment plan, including configuration and data management
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Phase 3:

Testing & Launch

  • Verify integration functions as expected 
  • Monitor integrated system post-launch to address any issues or user needs
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Phase 4:

Training & Support

  • Provide training and documentation on integrated system
  • Post-implementation support, troubleshooting and enhancements
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Why Choose TechArk?

Our technical experts become an extension of your team. We dive deep into your business to address your top technology challenges and apply automated software solutions. We’ve transformed hundreds of businesses over the past decade of our journey.

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“What used to take over an hour with the old process takes only five minutes online. TechArk did fantastic work. They listened to our concerns and understood what needed to be done.”

Andrew Shillling

Currituck County
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Ready for a Tech Solution that Brings True Transformation?

Our digital transformation experts and experienced developers are ready to answer your questions and exceed your expectations. Ready to talk automation and integration?

Automation & Integration FAQs

You know that automation technology can help you grow your business while saving you time. Let’s discuss your business and our specialists can show you the specific steps and automations you can apply to transform your business.

Many businesses still operate without an effective CRM system. Most of them don’t have it at all or it is not set up properly. The sales people don’t use it because it is clunky, requires duplicate data entry and is more of a chore instead of a utility. We have seen those challenges ourselves in our business and we set up systems and processes that allowed us to quadruple our team and our customers. We can do the same or better for you.

Absolutely. Most likely, your systems are already based in the cloud and may allow other systems to integrate with them. We offer automated software testing services and can guide you with the best steps you can employ to improve your processes and increase efficiency. The goal is to build these systems so you can spend more time in proactive growth mode instead of the reactive firefighting mode.
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