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Past Zero

The new iOS app for Past Zero is LIVE in the Apple App Store now — join its founder Gary, to stay on top of your networking management. Download Past Zero today and start networking with your contacts in a whole new way.



  • Virginia
Past Zero Challenge

The Challenge

When Past Zero founder Gary Lauck approached TechArk it was with a problem that needed a solution: he networked often and had trouble keeping track of the many cards, names, and details he gathered at such events. He not only needed to remember their names, but also needed to remember where he had met each individual person, or who had introduced them, or even what year they met. He felt that there was a gap between the traditional business card and the modern advances of social media. He hoped that we could help, and we immediately knew what to do.

TechArk knew that if there wasn’t an app for that, we could invent one. We set to work with Gary, spending months brainstorming and refining our ideas to strategically determine which different features would be included in the Past Zero mobile app.

Past Zero Solution

The Solution

Past Zero is a way for technology to connect people and support relationships. Beyond being one place to capture all contact info (name, phone/email, job title, company), this advanced contacts directory also organizes data efficiently. Users are able to set photo for contacts, include details such as when/where/how you met, view mutual contacts, and add personal notes to each card—because users can create more than one (personal, business, etc).

Even better, the card exchange feature allows two users to instantly transmit the data from their own electronic business cards, sharing it with another who has the app, via proximity. Selecting the Broadcast option enables a user to transmit their info to anyone with the app at an event, whether exchanging with one person at a time or the entire room—in an instant.
Finally, the Groups feature allows you to categorize cards within groups.

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