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An innovative solution that provided easy to access and detailed business intelligence along with the streamlining and automation of their processes has proved to be very valuable as Ivy Ventures continues to expand its footprint in the national corridors of healthcare.


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The Problem

Ivy Ventures is a very successful organization that partners with health systems across the country to deliver high-impact growth solutions. Their team specializes in identifying, executing and capitalizing on key drivers that lead to market share growth for healthcare providers.

We were introduced to Ivy Ventures by a common friend – this is how we earn a lot of our business where someone we have worked with connects us further. In our first discussion with Ivy, we asked them a lot of questions to understand their business processes and we quickly identified an area that if improved could lead to dramatic returns especially as they were predicting strong business growth over the next year.


We Solved

TechArk helped document the business requirements by conducting in-depth discovery sessions with the client. We worked with their national program coordinators and the operations team to understand their fast-evolving organizational structure, outlined their existing process and identified key areas on how we can automate their document generation process. We then moved on to study the entire process of how their Schedulers worked within the hospital systems.
We then proposed a solution that would be developed on their existing investment of SharePoint Online (as part of their Office 365 subscription). Our solution replaced several disparate Excel files and moved all the data in the cloud within secured SharePoint repository. Ivy already had a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Microsoft and it was critical that this solution was HIPAA compliant. We also noticed that the schedulers were entering the same data repeatedly in multiple documents and there were several manual steps that we could automate with the help of technology.
TechArk developed a custom workflow based solution within SharePoint Online. This solution was crafted carefully to work within the healthcare systems’ network while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The magical part of the solution is when the multiple documents needed during the process are automatically generated as part of the workflow. The information is now centralized and stored securely and the management team at Ivy can run real-time reporting at a very detailed level.

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