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Friend, neighbor, client – what can we say? We love ya, Brand Fuel.

Brand Fuel has multiple ecommerce stores and desired separate branding for all of them but they needed to use the same products, so TechArk gave them a solution that allowed them to do just that -Darnley Archer, TechArk project manager of programming and apps.

Brand Fuel

The Problem

Brand Fuel is a nationally recognized, full-service promotional products agency capable of coordinating the selection, design, decoration, and production of logo merchandise. They’re also our building buddies here at 415 York Street in downtown Norfolk, so when we heard around the water cooler that they needed a new site we jumped for joy.

Brand Fuel

We Solved

TechArk lost no time at all in designing the digital web space of Brand Fuel, choosing a bright color palette to complement their rocket logo, and emphasize the fiery passion of their staff.

We also included an effective and efficient e-commerce solution. Their wish list was pretty extensive, including the setup of a multi-store platform that would need to be customized with punchout integration for Ariba procurement systems – all in a span of 2 months.

Our designers got started right away, crafting immaculate wireframes to demonstrate the store functionality and workflow. With every challenge, obstacle, and customization request, our developers and software engineers launched this rocket on time!

A responsive content management system completed the job, getting Brand Fuel ready for liftoff!

Old Website New Website
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Brand Fuel
Brand Fuel Old Website

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