Feed a Friend

We Listened

Dedicated to providing community-based programs, reducing poverty, and fighting starvation by partnering with local businesses to raise awareness and funds for impoverished residents of Hampton Roads, Feed a Friend was founded by high school senior Aneesh Dhawan.

After visiting over 32 countries, Aneesh felt a desperate drive to make a difference. He saw a need, and he wanted to fill it. In 2014, he founded Feed a Friend with the help of his supportive friends, family, and investors in the Norfolk Academy community.

We Solved

TechArk LOVES working with Startups. The excitement, enthusiasm, and passion are all so fresh and new – and the dream is very much alive. When Aneesh contacted us, he was hoping to polish his brand into something professional that would convey the seriousness of his mission and legitimacy of his business. He also needed to spread the word in order to achieve his goals.

We designed a custom website and lovingly crafted social media marketing campaigns, helping Aneesh get in touch with businesses like Taste and Nawab Indian Cuisine. With a professional website and strong following, Aneesh is ready to save the world.