Downtown Spa & Laser Center

We Listened

Sibling of the VB Spa & Laser Center and neighbor to TechArk on Brambleton Avenue, the Downtown Spa & Laser Center came to us with the same needs, goals, and questions. We’re all family here at TechArk, so we were happy to take on another member of the tribe.

The DN Spa & Laser Center had recently updated their site, but needed someone to help them update plugins and make content changes. Our team was eager to start, and we look forward to booking our massages!

We Solved

Our SEO specialists took the lead, reviewing, reimagining, and recommending changes to increase the site’s visibility in search engine results, while our content specialist dove in to start implementing their changes.

With a new voice and updated imagery, the SEO team was ready to send the site out into the web with search engine marketing ads (also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click). Now the DN Spa & Laser Center is rising in the ranks, and looking great, too!