We’re Here For You: How Does Website Support Work?

We All Need a Little Support Sometimes.

At TechArk, supporting our clients is a big part of our process. When we’re not designing, developing, launching, and marketing killer apps, websites, and other digital software solutions for businesses, you’ll often find us on the phone with clients, troubleshooting and helping to resolve issues.

While we love chatting with our clients on the reg, we’d like to introduce the world to our heaven-sent advanced digital ticketing support system. It’s been our saving grace for a while now, and it’s been so effective at saving our clients time and energy that we’d like to brag a little: #blessed.

TechArk customers are never stranded in the waters of the web world, thanks to their constant lifeline: Support@GoTechArk.com.

That’s right—help is just an email away.

We provide a dedicated project manager to each of our clients to ensure the level of personalized support we’re committed to providing. In the event that you experience issues after hours or if your point of contact is ill or out of the office, you’ll receive much faster assistance by reaching out to our entire support team.

You read that right—our Support Team.

You’ll receive the full strength, knowledge, and power of TechArk’s team of support technicians. We’ll put it this way: your problem will get solved.

Don’t fret if you’re having troubles and your point of contact is battling the flu, sick children, or a line at Disney World. You still have the insights, skills, and support of the entire TechArk team. Simply fire off an email to Support@GoTechArk.com and take a deep breath. In TechArk we trust.

We don’t want to get sacrilegious on you, but ...

… we create websites, look after their upkeep, and provide support in times of need—almost like some sort of digital deity. So call on the angels of support, at Support@GoTechArk.com, and wait for your prayers to be answered.

Digital deities, TechArk createth, supporteth, and hosteth with love all software. Amen.

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