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TechArk Product Spotlight - The TechArk Portal

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    When it comes to software used internally in an organization to promote Digital Transformation, there are generally two options: Find an off-the-shelf solution, or build your own.

    For years, TechArk used off-the-shelf software solutions to handle internal processes such as timekeeping, document access, training facilitation, and project tracking. We realized that while these software packages were good, they didn’t do all the things we wanted them to. We also couldn’t add the functionality we needed to software packages we didn’t own.

    To combat these issues, we did what any tech team would do — we built our own tool!

    Now, the TechArk Portal is a platform both employees and TechArk clients can use. Here’s a brief overview of the features we built:

    Quick Links

    Instead of everyone keeping track of their own browser bookmarks, we gathered the frequently visited sites used across our teams and linked to them in one easy-to-use list. Easy to add, remove, and edit entries, the Quick Links module can be hidden and shown to users based on their role.

    Learning Management System

    While we started with an off-the-shelf Learning Management System, we’ve since tailored it to meet our many needs. To name just a few:

    • Internal processes like onboarding and training are more streamlined.
    • Courses can be assigned to specific users to introduce new concepts or enhance their current knowledge.
    • Learning materials from disparate sources can be combined to create impactful lessons.

    And while TechArk’s internal teams have benefitted from this system, they’re not the only ones. Our clients have also enjoyed immense success utilizing this LMS within their organizations, saving up to 50% in the cost of onboarding.

    Templates/Document Access

    Using templates ensures that branding and writing guidelines are followed consistently. However, giving everyone full access to templates can lead to unintentional changes to them.

    That’s why we set up the TechArk Portal so users can only access template files based on their role, and don’t have direct access to the templates themselves — only to copy them. This minimizes the risk that an original template can be overwritten, saving time and undue hassle.

    Project Tracker

    Project management requires tracking progress over time, usually accomplished through some type of Kanban board. We built our own project tracking system to tie into our project management system, communicating project updates immediately so that everyone is on the same page at the same time.

    Highly functional, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye, the TechArk Project Tracker has made a real difference in how we see a project from start to finish. On average, our managers have seen 25% of their time normally spent on meetings and updates freed up to spend engaging with their employees on complex tasks instead.

    Time Tracking

    There are many time tracking software options available, ranging from simple to sophisticated. So, why did TechArk spend the time and energy to build a new one? It’s simple: our time tracker ties into our project management system so we can ensure that the hours assigned to a project are managed properly. The ability to quickly see when a project is approaching assigned hours keeps us on task and profitable by ensuring that we stay within the hours budgeted for a project.

    Let’s Supercharge Your Efficiency

    This custom portal has helped TechArk teams and clients stay organized and efficient. If you’re ready to benefit too, schedule a call with us and we’ll chat about how we can help streamline your internal processes through digital transformation and automation.

    About TechArk Solutions

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