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    “Sure,” you may be thinking, “I’d love to do an online advertising campaign for my nonprofit. But who has the budget? Isn’t Google Advertising expensive?” Good news! Your organization may qualify for free to low-cost online advertising with a Google Grant.

    What Nonprofits Can Get from Google Grants

    Google Grants is a program to help empower nonprofit organizations that may not have the funds for online advertising. If you’re in that category, Google Grants may provide up to $10,000 a month in free advertising!

    Of course, eligibility rules apply. For example, your nonprofit must have 501(c)(3) status, a high-quality website, and meet specific program criteria. Some categories of nonprofits are excluded, including hospitals and universities.

    Google also has parameters on the type of online advertising that’s eligible for Google grant funding. At this time, only Search Ads (Text) campaigns are eligible. If your nonprofit wants to utilize other ad types like video, display, or retargeting, those campaigns would need to be run through a regular paid account.

    For more information on the program, visit https://www.google.com/grants/

    How to Apply for a Google Grant

    To participate in the Google Grant program, your nonprofit must apply online. It’s a multi-step process that requests information about your organization’s fiscal, operational, and organizational status.

    Therefore, a third-party agency or vendor like TechArk Solutions cannot submit a grant application on your behalf. What we can do, however, is share an overview of the process!

    • Step 1: Apply for Google for Nonprofits

      To receive the Google Ad Grant, organizations must first apply and be eligible for Google for Nonprofits, a program from Google that offers a selection of Google products to nonprofit organizations. Organizations must be a member of Google for Nonprofits to qualify for the grant, but not all members qualify to receive the grant.

    • Step 2: Create Your Google Ads Account

      Create your Google Ad account under the email address you used to register for Google for Nonprofits.

    • Step 3: Take the Pre-Qualification Survey

      Google requires every participant to complete a pre-qualification survey. It covers demographic information about your organization and how you’ll be utilizing the ad grant.

    • Step 4: Complete Google Ad Grants Training

      Google requires every participant and grantee to complete a brief training and pass a quiz to ensure they have a comprehensive idea of how to use the Google Ads program.

    • Step 5: Submit Your Pre-Qualification for Review

      Once you have been qualified for Google for Nonprofits, you’ll want to activate your Google Ad Grant account.

    • Step 6: Create Your First Campaign

      Follow the instructions in part two of Google’s Qualification Guide for detailed steps to set up your first Google Ads campaign.

    • Step 7: Submit Your Account for Review

      Once you’ve completed your first campaign, input your Google Ads customer ID on your Google for Nonprofits account under Google Ad Grants. Google will then review your details and inform you via email within 10 days if your account has been activated.

    Get Help with Google Grant Campaign Management

    Are you ready to start using online advertising for your nonprofit? Great! With a Google Grant, funding your campaigns just became much more manageable. Now, to get great results and maximize your ad dollars, you’ll want an experienced Google campaign manager.

    Here’s where TechArk Solutions can step in and help. Our team of experienced digital marketing specialists will help you design a tailored Google Ads strategy for your nonprofit.

    We actively manage your campaign every month for an affordable flat fee. You’ll enjoy a dedicated account manager and transparent monthly reporting. As your marketing partner, we share insights and learnings that progressively improve your campaigns and maximize your budget.

    Book your free, no-obligation consultation about Google Grants and Digital Ads strategy today!