Online Advertising for Nonprofits: Five Fresh Ideas

Google Ads

  • Published on October 27, 2023
  • Last Updated on March 18, 2024
Online Advertising for Nonprofits

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    Is online advertising a good fit for your nonprofit organization? That answer depends on your goals. Today we’re sharing innovative ways other nonprofit organizations have gained community support with online ads. 

    The Basics of Google Advertising for Nonprofits

    Thinking strategically about your messaging and how to leverage online advertising can open a world of possibilities. How about recruiting new groups of volunteers, gaining new donors, or promoting your services to beneficiaries? Different ad types, targeting, and platforms offer unlimited potential to spread your message.

    • Text Ads: Drive traffic back to your website with simple text ads appearing at the top of Google search results.
    • Display Ads: Raise awareness of your mission with visually impactful display ads that include images and compelling text.
    • Mobile Ads: Reach potential beneficiaries in your local community with ads designed to display on smartphones and tablets.
    • Video Ads: Show the impact of your work with dynamic video ads hosted on platforms like YouTube.
    • Search and Location Targeting: Target the people in your local community or region to whom your cause is especially relevant. 

    Five Online Advertising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

    Are you seeing the possibilities for your nonprofit? Here are a few ways other nonprofit organizations have successfully implemented an online advertising campaign to achieve – and surpass – their goals. 

    • Seasonal Fundraising Campaigns Nonprofit organizations can extend the reach of their social media campaigns for the holidays with online advertising. An online advertising campaign can also bring awareness to the public during critical times of the year that impact the well-being of your nonprofit’s beneficiaries. Use seasonal campaigns to generate funds to meet the various needs of your nonprofit throughout lean times in the year.
    • Event Promotion Have an event coming up and need to see your registration numbers rise? With online advertising, you can leverage a remarketing campaign to target individuals who have previously visited your event page or website. Reach and remind your site visitors about your mission and offer a time-sensitive call to action. 
    • PSAs and Public Relations Does your organization have an essential message for the community? Online advertising can help get attention and drive users to a landing page on your website with more information about the issue and your solution. 
    • Volunteer Recruitment Desperately need volunteers? Why not create an advocacy campaign that puts the personalities of your top advocates and volunteers in front of the camera? With display and video advertising, your message can attract new like-minded volunteers to your cause.
    • Multi-Functional Campaigns For organizations with several different service areas and business units, Google Grants can help promotional budgets go further. A TechArk client uses self-funded (paid) Google Ads to promote services that drive revenue, while they use Google Grant funds for more fundraising and volunteer-type calls to action. 

    Get Started with Google Online Advertising Campaigns

    Are you ready to start using online advertising?  Our team of experienced digital marketing specialists can help you design a tailored Google Ads strategy for your nonprofit.

    We’ll work with you to clarify your goals and messaging, identify your target audience, and select the right ad type and assets to craft a successful campaign. Then we actively manage your campaign every month for an affordable flat fee. 

    And unlike other digital agencies, TechArk never charges a commission on your advertising budgets! We help your budget go further.

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