Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Heatmap & Scrollmap Analysis

Mar 29, 2019

A website is a critical tool for any business trying to reach consumers. It is a digital doorway visitors can access from anywhere and at any time to learn more about a company’s products and/or services, and hopefully make a purchase.


heatmapThe best ways to make sure your website is doing the most effective job it can is by using technology to perform a heatmap and/or scrollmap analysis. On the most basic level, a heatmap tracks visitors’ mouse/cursor movements and clicks on each page. It creates a color-coded map that shows where people were drawn to the most, where they lingered the longest, and what they ignored.


A scrollmap is a variation of a heatmap, showing if visitors to your website scrolled down “below the fold” of what can be seen when visiting each page and again, tracking where they scrolled, where they lingered, and what they did not view.


While it’s important to note what features, links and calls to action are attracting the most attention on your website, it is just as important to understand what people aren’t attracted to. A heatmap and scrollmap analysis provides you with both sides of the equation, and gives you an opportunity to adjust your strategy and potentially eliminate clutter from your site. This is where a professional website development company like TechArk Solutions can not only provide a thorough heatmap/scrollmap analysis of all of the pages on your website, they can make expert recommendations on how to improve the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of your site.


It’s important to note that while a heatmap/scrollmap analysis can identify target spots on your website that could use further exploration, they cannot automatically create design solutions or make business decisions for you. The experienced team at TechArk stays on top of current trends and can provide the recommendations your site will need to make its performance stellar. Their design team can then implement those recommendations, working directly with you to keep your brand voice active and pertinent. In addition, TechArk can also assist you with digital marketing to help increase traffic to your improved site.

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