The Game Changer: Mobile Technology Disrupting Industries

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When smartphones and tablets were first introduced, who would have thought the use of technology would expand into so many different fields and applications? In addition to giving us the ability to talk and text with almost anyone at any time and anywhere, mobile technology has exploded into new applications that help us connect in so many different ways.

Take online banking for example. Mobile technology has completely revolutionized how we interact with our financial institutions. Thanks to mobile technology, people can now open an account, deposit checks by taking a photo, pay bills and more, literally without ever going into a bank. With apps from providers such as Popmoney®, they can even transfer or receive funds from sources outside their financial institution.

Need to keep an eye on your home while you’re away? Products like Nest allow mobile technology users to control almost every facet of their home from setting the thermostat to monitoring kids or animals via web cams. Some home automation products even allow users to turn lights on and off, activate security systems and even unlock doors to allow workers such as plumbers and electricians to enter the premises when the homeowner can’t be there.

Another sector that has been positively affected by mobile technology is education. Through apps such as Class Dojo and others, schools, teachers and parents have access to meaningful data and tips to help students be more successful. They can also be used to send updates on things like delayed openings, closings or big upcoming events.

On a grander scale, mobile technology is allowing education to reach more people via distant learning for people in remote areas and underdeveloped countries. Farmers can gain access to market prices before travelling long distances to markets. Hospitals can give patients access to medical data, make appointment, send appointment reminders and even notify potential patients of wait times at various emergency centers.

Of course, that just scratches the surface of what mobile technology has done for us and the applications keep coming. Not bad for something that fits in the palm of your hand.

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